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Bike Bearings & Headset Bearings

We are the UK's largest stockist of headset bearings along with a huge range of related bike bearings for your wheels, hubs, bottom brackets, roller bearings suspension swing arms, headsets and pedals.

We have been selling industrial bearings for over 30 years nationally & internationally under the name Aire Bearings Ltd, Aire Velo Bearings is a trading name of the Aire Bearings group of companies and we have been supplying bike bearings for over 5 years on ebay and through our own websites. What's more is we offer a range of great shipping options and our team provide the best customer service, just take a look at our website today. We have extensive knowledge on bike related bearings and have our own resident bike nut, Matt, who rides road bikes everyday and BMX at the weekends testing all our bearings. We can supply and stock headset bearings in standard steel, stainless steel & hybrid ceramic as well as roller bearing options, needle roller bearings and ball bearing. The other bike bearings products which are suitable for wheels, hubs, crank sets, suspension swing arms and pedals as well as different loads, are also offered in steel, stainless steel, hybrid ceramic and full ceramic. We also offer loose balls in steel, stainless steel and ceramic (Si3N4).

The suspension swing arm bearings are intended to be used in full suspension mountain bikes and are supplied in the max complement (full complement) type which means the bearing is full of balls with no cage separating them which allows the bearing to take a greater load over a minimal amount of rotation.

Find out how often you need to change your bike bearings here.

Replacement Bicycle Bearings

Here at Aire Velo Bearings, we offer high quality replacement bicycle bearings that are suitable for use with a range of bikes. Our bearings cover stainless steel, ceramic, headset, steel and much more. As one of the leading suppliers of bearings in the UK, you can count on us to supply and stock you with the best bearings. All of the bike bearings we offer are designed and manufactured to some of the highest industry standards. The bearings we offer are reguarly purchased by both individuals and professional cyclists.

There comes a time when all bearings for bikes need replacing, and when that happens be sure to check out the range we offer at Aire Velo. We pride ourselves on offering high quality and affordable bearings, meaning it's easy to keep your bike serviced all year around. We have bearings that are suitable for almost any type of bike and if you're struggling to find the bike bearing you require, then please don't hesitate to get in touch and one of our team will be more than happy to assist.

Replacing the bearings on your bikes means it's safe to use and you're less likely to have an accident whilst riding it. When buying bike bearings it's important to remove your old ones first so you know you're buying the right type and size. We offer our bicycle bearing product options to both individuals and trade customers, to ensure that all of our customers benefit from professional bike bearings. Having offered our bearings to customers throughout the UK for many years, we have become well-known for the bike bearings we offer.

When it comes to new bearings for your bike, be sure to shop online with Aire Velo. Should you have any questions about the product collection we offer, then be sure to get in touch with us. Our expert team can provide advice and guidance relating to the best bearings to purchase.

Steel bearings

The steel bearings you see before you have a steel inner and outer race, along with a steel cage, steel balls and rubber seals (2RS). We have different sizes to choose from, giving you the freedom you need to find the bearing (or bearings) you need to enhance your cycling experience.

If you are specifically looking for a replacement steel bearing products so you can get rid of your old ones, it’s important that you do your research and the find the right size you need first. We have created an explanation guide that will help you to figure out the items and dimensions so that you replace your steel bearings with the right ones you need. Be sure to check it out.

Your bike headset is a key component. The headset is the component on the bike that provides the rotating interface between the fork and the head tube of the frame. The headset bearings are the parts that allow your handlebars to turn freely, so it’s vital that you look after them. If your current steel bearings have reached the end of their tether, you might be looking for new steel bearings for your headset. This is where Aire Velo can assist you.

Ball Bearings

Here at Aire Velo we offer a range of ball bearings to our customers across the UK, we offer a range of high quality ball bearing options to choose from. Whatever your reasons for needing ball bearings, we'll have exactly what you're looking for, simply check out our range of ball bearings online today.


BMX bearings

Aire Velo are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of bicycle bearings, with a wide selection of high quality bearings to choose from. Whether you are looking for a BMX bearing, headset bearing or hybrid ceramic bearing, we’ll no doubt have the bike bearing here to suit your needs. But what about those of you looking specifically for BMX bearings?

As luck would have it, you’ve come to the right place. With a collection of BMX bearing sizes to choose from, we can help you to find the bearing(s) and items you need to replace your old ones.

If you are looking for BMX wheel bearings, crank bearings, bottom bracket bearings, thrust bearings, ball bearings, roller bearings or pedal bearings, we have a number of solutions, contact our bearing company today. Our range include bearings made of steel inner and outer races, with steel cages and rubber seals (2RS). We have one stainless steel BMX bearing within our collection in the form of the MID 19 bottom bracket bearing, so be sure to check that out if you are looking to protect your components from corrosion.

Road Bike Bearings

Road Bike Bearings - Faster, Lighter and Durable

Well made road bike ceramic bearings will roll faster, saving you energy and allowing you to cruise must faster compared to an equivalent steel bearing. This is due to the bearings being rounder and smoother, as well as being a harder material, so they shouldn’t break down as quickly, they’re also more resistant to corrosion. Bearings are essential when it comes to road bikes, they make the world go round, as well as your wheels. At Aire Velo we offer many cycle bearings, including road bike bearings, our bearings fit different dimensions and styles, whatever road bike bearing items you require, we can advise on the product that you need.

We provide everything that you need to keep your bike in top condition, you’ll love our selection of road bike bearing, as a leading supplier you can trust that you’ve come to the right place. Our selection of bearings cover different applications, loads and can be used as bottom bracket bearings or bike wheel bearings, they’re also available in metal shields, rubber contact seals or low friction seals. We also offer many stainless steel and waterproof lubricants for greater corrosion, as well as bearing tools.

Road Bike Ceramic Bearings

Road bike bearings are an essential part of your wheels, headset and bottom bracket, they prevent them from becoming worn and corroded and will do all they can to keep your bicycle running smoothly. We understand that sometimes replacing bearings can be difficult but as experts, our professional team at Aire Velo has got you covered, from the ball bearing to the needle roller, check out our website today. Constant squeaks and creaks coming from your road bike can be annoying, especially if you’re in a long ride, this is why we provide replacement bike bearings.

At Aire Velo, we’ve been providing bike bearings for a number of years and have 30 years in the industry. We have an extensive knowledge base and can answer any questions or queries that you may have about road bike bearings and bike loads.

Steel Bearings

The steel bike bearings that we offer come in different sizes, providing you with the freedom you need to find the bearing required to enhance your cycling experience. If you’re specifically looking for a replacement steel bike bearing, it’s important that you ensure you find the right size.

Replacement Road Bike Bearings

At Aire Velo, we specialise in providing high-quality bearings including roller bearings, needle roller bearings, thrust bearings and ball bearings, that are suitable for use with different bikes, our road bike bearings come from many materials, so you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect replacement road bike bearing. As a leading supplier of road bike bearings, our professionals have got you covered and can provide any information that you require whatever load you're riding at, we also provide different shipping options and our customer service is second to none.

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