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Steel Bearings

Buy Steel Bearings

Aire Velo Bearings supply a wide range of steel bearings suitable for a range of applications on your bike, including the front and rear hubs, bottom brackets, headsets and pedals. Please take the time to browse our steel bearing range to find the item that best suits your needs.

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More About Steel Bearings

The steel bearings you see before you have a steel inner and outer race, along with a steel cage, steel balls and rubber contact seals (2RS). We have a range of sizes to choose from, giving you the freedom, you need to find the bearing (or bearings) you need to enhance your cycling experience.
If you are specifically looking for a replacement steel bearing so you can get rid of your old ones, it’s important that you do your research and the find the right size you need first. We have created an explanation guide that will help you to figure out the dimensions so that you replace your steel bearings with the right ones you need. Correctly maintained bearing are essential to any successful cycling trip for more Tip For Long Distance Cycling, check out our new blog.

Steel & Stainless-Steel Ball Bearings

Let’s start with steel and stainless-steel balls primarily for headsets and wheels. Steel balls are the most affordable option and they perform to a high level. Steel is widespread largely due to its strength and durability. Of course, they must be maintained using oil and other rust inhibitors to avoid any corrosion. What about our range of stainless-steel ball bearings? These have added value being resistant to rust, as well as being hardwearing. Both our steel and stainless-steel balls are grade 10 balls, which means that they are manufactured to very precise standards.

Steel Headset Bearings

Your bike headset is a key component. The headset is the component on the bike that provides the rotating interface between the fork and the head tube of the frame. The headset bearings are the parts that allow your handlebars to turn freely, so it’s vital that you look after them. If your current steel bearings have reached the end of their tether, you might be looking for new steel bearings for your headset. This is where Aire Velo Bearings can assist you.

Steel Bottom Bracket Bearings

The bottom bracket is the component that connects the crankset to the bicycle, allowing it to rotate efficiently. The bottom bracket bearings are the parts that make it possible for the spindles and cranks to rotate. Aire Velo Bearings have a wide range of steel bearings for bikes, suitable for bottom brackets. These are available for you to buy online.

Steel Hub Bearings

For those of you not sure, the hub is the central part of the wheels, which is located at the front and rear of the bicycle. The hub connects to the wheels rim using the spokes, with the axle fitted through the hub. The hub bearings are what allow the wheels to spin freely as they do, making them rideable.

Aire Velo supply a range of steel bearings, perfect for the front and rear hubs on your bike. We have a range of sizes and styles to choose from, with stainless steel, hybrid ceramic and full ceramic options also available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Steel Bearings

What are steel bearings suitable for?

The steel bearings we offer are suitable for use with several things such as hubs, headsets, pedals, swingarms and bottom brackets. With such a great range of steel bearing sizes to choose from, we have something suitable for most people.

Do you offer different sized steel bearings?

Yes! The steel bearings we offer are available in a range of sizes and are suitable for some of the most popular types of bikes.

When Should I Change my Bike Bearings?

Bearings are vital when considering your bike’s hubs, headset and bottom bracket, this is because they prevent them from becoming worn and corroded as well as making sure that your bicycle is running exactly as it should. It’s also important to consider checking your bearings because if you don’t, you’re at risk of creating future problems which could happen at the worst times. For more information on bike bearings and replacements, give our professionals a call today.

Should I Be Servicing my Wheel Bearings?

If your bike wheels are rough when you spin them around, this usually means it’s time to service them. Problems tend to occur from wear and tear in the bearings through ingress of water, dirt and grime. Wheel bearings may also wear out over time, this can also introduce play to the hub making the wheel rock side to side on its axle. Through servicing your bike, you can trust that it will be in good working order and will also perform to its maximum capacity.