Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

High-Quality Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Aire Velo Bearings range of Hybrid ceramic bearings covers a large percentage of applications on a bike such as headsets, wheels, hubs, bottom brackets & pedals.
Generally speaking you can expect Hybrid ceramic bearings to last between 2 and 5 times longer than standard all steel bearings, however this is highly dependent on operating conditions & other factors. Have fun browsing through our product range or learn more about the benefits or hybrid ceramic by scrolling further down the page.

Better Performance

Many experienced cyclists and professionals use ceramic bearings or perhaps ceramic hybrid bearings, for a superior performance. They are known to be much stronger than steel, but lighter at the same time. Hybrid Ceramic Bearings have stainless steel and ceramic materials – the races are made from stainless steel, whereas the ball bearings are ceramic. Hybrid ceramic bearings seek to combine the best of both worlds – anti-corrosion properties with superior strength and speed.

Ceramic Bearing Construction

As we’ve mentioned, ceramic bearings have a great reputation for being stronger, lighter, and for lasting much longer than other materials. What are ceramic bearings made from? They are constructed from either Zirconium Oxide or Silicon Nitrate. We use Zirconia to produce our ceramic bearings. Zirconium Oxide has high strength over a wide temperature range. You can see why it is so popular when used in the bike industry, as it is so strong and durable, despite being exposed to challenging conditions.
What about its shock loading capabilities? Though ceramic bearing material is stronger than steel it is more susceptible to shock loading which is why we don’t recommend it for off road cycling. Ideally, they would be used in a spare set of wheels you keep for racing or when you really need the performance gains ceramic bearings can provide.

Benefits of Using Ceramic Hybrid Bearings

Hybrid ceramic bearings are made using steel inner and outer races, a PTFE cage, rubber seals and ceramic balls. Using ceramic balls instead of steels balls has several known benefits, so we have listed a few of these below:

  • Ceramic balls have a 100% increase in rolling contact fatigue in comparison to steel.
  • Ceramic hybrid bearings can last between 2-5 times longer than steel or stainless-steel bearings.
  • The ceramic balls are actually more durable than steel balls, with their micro-structural make-up.
  • The balls are lighter and smoother, aiding bike performance.
  • Ceramic is also corrosion resistant, helping it to last for longer when exposed to outdoor elements.
  • Low adhesion and friction mean that hybrid bearings can perform well, even when poor/little/no lubrication is used.
  • Low rolling and sliding frictions allow for greater speeds and more power.
  • Low heat transfer from friction.
  • Ceramic is also non-magnetic, reducing the chances of them becoming damaged by an external source.

Hybrid or Full Ceramic Bearings?

A great way to look at the difference between hybrid ceramic bearings and full ceramic bearings for bike wheels is to look at the components that make up the bearing. Hybrid bearings typically include stainless steel rings (also known by some as races) but maintain ceramic balls. Full ceramic bearings on the other hand have ceramic balls and ceramic rings (races) as well. Ceramic balls on their own are smoother, lighter, tougher, and stronger. The benefits of ceramic balls are shared by both hybrid and full ceramic bearings.
A benefit of full ceramic ball bearings is weight. Ceramics are less weighty than hybrids made of stainless steel. Ceramic wheel bearings can reduce the weight of the bike even more, speeding up the rider on hill climbs. Another benefit is the reduced friction within the bearing due to there been no grease as full ceramic bearings are essentially self-lubricating allowing for a greater rotational speed and a more consistent rotation which can make improvements to your cadence.
At the same time, full ceramic bearings do stand a greater chance of chipping & cracking when subjected to severe enough impacts such as pot holes & cracks on roads. Therefore, we ideally recommend full ceramic ball bearings for use on track & velodrome circuits however they can be used on the road as long as you understand that they are more susceptible to failure.

Why Choose Aire Velo for your Hybrid Ceramic Bearings?

At Aire Velo our focus is to ensure that you receive hybrid ceramic bearings of only the best quality and at a value for money price. We also offer those customers who buy in bulk an even lower price on their orders.
When it comes to hybrid ceramic ball bearings, the items that we provide have been extensively tested to make sure that they’re all fit for purpose and manufactured from durable and reliable materials. This will also make sure that they provide you with a long-life cycle and won’t fail when you need them the most.

Largest Selection of Ceramic Bearings

If you are looking for ceramic bike wheel, pedal or headset bearings, you have come to the right place. Aire Velo Bearings offer a range different sized full ceramic and hybrid ceramic bearings suitable for a range of applications on bikes. Simply choose the size you need and find out how to install your bearings using one of our helpful how-to videos. Our explanation guides will also help you to determine what size bearing you need.
Ceramic hybrid bearings are suitable for BMX bikes, mountain bikes and general day-to-day bicycles where there is a need for greater performance.
Get in touch with Aire Velo Bearings today if you need help finding the right size or style of bearing that you need. We will gladly help.