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EZO Bearings

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EZO Bearings are designed and manufactured by Sapparo Precision INC in Japan. Since 1969 Sapparo Precision has been known as a leading manufacturer of ball bearings, specialising in miniature and medium-sized bearings to a high-quality standard. EZO Bearings from Aire Velo are available with either 2RS seals (contact) or 2RU seals (non-contact). To find out more get in touch.

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High-Quality EZO Bearings UK

Should you be looking for EZO bike bearings, then you have come to the right place. Aire Velo Bearings are a premium ball-bearing retailer and stock a wide range of products from the EZO Bearings catalogue. With the high-quality and durable range of products that we stock, you can rest assured that you are sure to find the EZO products that you are looking for. As experts when it comes to bicycles and ball-bearings we understand the inconvenience when your bicycle isn’t running as smoothly as it should be, that is why we take pride in providing a range of products suitable for a number of the different bicycle makes, types and components.

EZO Bearings from Aire Velo Bearings

EZO Bearings come in a range of sizes & provide an upgrade to our standard steel range increasing the performance of your bicycle. Available with either the standard contact seals (2RS) or the reduced friction non-contact seals (2RU), EZO bearings can be bought from Aire Velo Bearings at any time.

If you know the ball-bearing you are looking for you can shop online, or if you require any assistance the team at Aire Velo will be more than happy to help.

Why Choose Aire Velo Bearings for EZO Bearings?

No matter what size or type of ball bearing you are looking for you can rest assured that the team at Aire Velo are here to help. We stock and supply a wide range of EZO products suitable for a range of bicycle makes and models. If you can’t see what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team. We have been providing customers with high-performance ball bearings for several years now and take great pride in helping them get their bicycles working as they should be again.

Buy EZO Bearings Online

When you choose to buy EZO Bearings online from Aire Velo, you can buy them quickly and easily without having to leave the comfort of your own home. What’s more a member of our dedicated team are always on hand to help if you don’t know what you are looking for or can’t find what you need. As professional ball-bearing stockists be sure to make Aire Velo your first port of call when you are looking to buy EZO Bearings, get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions About EZO Bearings

Do you offer different sized EZO bearings?

Yes! The EZO bearings we offer are available in a range of sizes and are suitable for the hubs and bottom brackets on your bike. We cater to most of the bikes on the market but if you’re not sure just give us a call.

When Should I Change my Bike Bearings?

Bearings are vital when considering your bike’s wheels, headset, and bottom bracket, this is because they prevent them from becoming worn and corroded as well as making sure that your bicycle is running exactly as it should. It’s also important to consider checking your bearings because if you don’t, you’re at risk of creating future problems that could happen at the worst times. For more information on bike bearings and replacements, give our professionals a call today.

Should I Be Servicing my Wheel Bearings?

If your bike wheels are rough when you spin them around, this usually means it’s time to service them. Problems tend to occur from wear and tear in the bearings through the ingress of water, dirt, and grime. Wheel bearings may also wear out over time, this can also introduce play to the hub making the wheel rock side to side on its axle. Through servicing your bike, you can trust that it will be in good working order and will also perform to its maximum capacity.

How Do I Measure My Bearings?

If there is no bearing code that makes sense, you can try and identify the bearing you need by measuring the Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter, and Depth. To be accurate, it is advised to use a good quality digital Vernier.