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Headset Bearing Kits


Should you require headset bearing kits, look no further the team at Aire Velo have you covered. We specialise in providing a range of headset bearing kits to ensure you receive a quality product for your bike whilst ensuring a top performance. For more information on the headset bearings we offer simply call our professional team or review our product range online today.

When it comes to the headset bearing sets, we make sure that we only provide the best selection which is up to date with the current product ranges available. Our bearings are suitable for use with a range of bikes so no matter what your requirements, Aire Velo have you covered.


Our range of headset bearings covers the majority of bikes and headsets available on the market today, including Canyon, Giant, FSA (Full Speed Ahead), Hope, Cane Creek and a number of well-known headset manufacturers. We have a wide range of headset bearing sizes, 1 1/8 and 1 1/2 being the most popular, with a variety of other sizes to choose from to suit your needs. If you need help finding the right headset bearing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Headset Bearing – all you need to know

Headset bearings may come across to you as ‘just’ a pair of bearings and some things that screw together, but thinking that is really undervaluing an essential part of your bike.

  • The headset consists of a large set of bearings which will allow your fork steerer to rotate inside the frames’ head tube.

  • Every movement you make with your upper body is transmitted into the bike through the headset.

  • Most modern bikes feature a threadless headset which can be integrated internally and externally.


Why choose Aire Velo for your headset bearing sets?

At Aire Velo we’re the UK’s largest stockist of headset bearings along with a huge range of related bike bearings for your wheels and bike requirements. Whatever your requirements from wheels, hubs, bottom brackets, suspension swing arms, headsets and pedals, at Aire Velo we have you covered.

We’ve been selling industrial headset bearings sets for over 30 years nationally and internationally and you can trust that our team has extensive knowledge on bike related bearings as well as a team of experts and bike enthusiasts. We specialise in providing a range of headset bearings in standard steel, stainless steel and hybrid ceramic.



How often do I need to change my bike bearings?

Bearings are essential when it comes to your wheels, headset and bottom bracket, they prevent them from becoming worn and corroded as well as ensuring that your bicycle is running how it should be. It’s important to check your bearings as if you don’t, you’re increasing the risk of problems occurring at some of the worst times. For more information on bike bearing replacements, feel free to call our team today.

Do you need to service wheel bearings?

Should your bike wheels feel rough when you spin them around, this means it’s time to service it. Problems usually occur from wear in the bearings by the ingress of water, dirt and grime. Wheel bearings will also wear out over time which can also introduce play to the hub making the wheel rock side to side on its axle. By servicing your bike you can trust that it’s good working order and will perform to its maximum capacity.

Why do I need good headset bearings?

The advancements in technology and bike engineering now mean that you can enjoy the smoothest handlebar action imaginable, the was you do this is through high quality headsets. At Aire Velo we’re specialists and have one of the widest selections of headset bearings available in the UK. Upgrading your headset bearings is an investment, you won’t regret it and will instantly notice the difference it makes to your ride.