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Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

High-Quality Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

Aire Velo Bearings range of Hybrid ceramic bearings covers a large percentage of applications on a bike such as headsets, wheels, hubs, bottom brackets & pedals.

We offer a wide range of Hybrid Ceramic bearings to customers throughout the UK, so if you are looking to buy Hybrid Ceramic bearings look no further, we also provide a range of types and sizes. Our online shop has a wide range of products for you to choose from. No matter what type or size you are looking for we have you covered. What’s more when you choose to buy Hybrid Ceramic bearings from our online shop, we aim to make buying them as easy as possible, in a few simple steps you can order the product of your choosing and have it delivered in no time, allowing you to have a smooth ride. Simply get in touch today.

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Hybrid Ceramic Bearings vs Steel

What exactly are hybrid ceramic bearings? As the name would suggest, they have stainless steel and ceramic materials – the races are made from stainless steel, whereas the ball bearings are ceramic. Hybrid ceramic bearings seek to combine the best of both worlds – anti-corrosion properties with superior strength and speed.

Because ceramic bearings are harder than steel bearings, they are more durable, lasting anywhere from five to 20 times longer. This also equals an almost zero risk of bearing seizure. Consequently, since they also do not rust, they are less sensitive to moisture and lubrication, and some even come with no lubricant at all.

Ceramic balls and races are also stiffer than steel ones, resulting in less flex in the bottom bracket. Finally, ceramic bearings are lighter, because ceramic is less dense than steel (silicon nitride, for instance, has a 60 percent lower density than steel). When combined with special seals and optimized lubrication, the friction in ceramic bearings can be 20- to 30-times lower than steel bearings with standard seals and lubrication.

What is a Hybrid Ceramic Bearing?

Hybrid ceramic bearings have steel races and ceramic balls. They are a bit lighter than steel bearings only because of the weight difference in the balls alone. They roll a bit faster than even the best steel bearings because the balls are smoother, harder, rounder, and more uniform in size, and the steel races are often ground smoother as well.

The friction in a typical bearing with silicon nitride balls and steel rings is about 10 percent less than in an all-steel bearing of the highest quality.

Better Performance - Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Construction

Many experienced cyclists and professionals use hybrid ceramic bearings or perhaps full ceramic bearings, for a superior performance. Hybrid ceramic bearings seek to combine the best of both worlds – anti-corrosion properties with superior strength and speed giving you performance, extended lifetime and saved energy.

As we’ve mentioned, hybrid ceramic bearings have a great reputation for being stronger, lighter, and for lasting longer than other materials. What are hybrid ceramic bearings made from? They are constructed from either steel or stainless steel races, nylon cages, ceramic (Si3N4 - Silicon nitride) balls & either 2RS (contact) or 2RLS (low-contact) seals.

Largest Selection of Hybrid Ceramic Bearings UK

If you are looking for a hybrid ceramic hub, bottom bracket, pedal or headset bearings, you have come to the right place. Aire Velo Bearings offer a huge range of hybrid ceramic bearings suitable for a range of applications on bikes. Simply choose the size you need and find out how to install your bearings using one of our helpful how-to videos. Our explanation guides will also help you to determine what size bearing you need.

Get in touch with Aire Velo Bearings today if you need help finding the right size or style of bearing that you need. We will gladly help.

Why Choose Aire Velo for Hybrid Ceramic Bearings?

At Aire Velo it's our priority to make sure that our customers receive hybrid ceramic bearings to only the best quality and at a value for money price. What’s more is we also aim to offer our customers with the most competitive prices and value for money products. When it comes to hybrid ceramic bearings, the items that we offer have all been extensively tested and we guarantee that they are fit for purpose and created from only durable and reliable materials. This is also to make sure that you receive long-life parts and that they won’t fail, especially in those times where you need them the most.

We supply a range of hybrid ceramic bearings in different styles and sizes, all of which are available to purchase online. What’s more is we are confident that we have the bicycle bearings that you require to suit your needs. Below, we have listed a few of the key reasons why we think we should be your first choice for hybrid ceramic bearings:

  • A huge range of styles and bearing sizes to choose from.
  • Explanation advice and guides, supporting you to find what you need.
  • Highly experienced customer service team who can answer all of your bearing related queries.
  • Cost-effective and efficient prices mean you get your hands on the hybrid ceramic bearings that you need without spending a small fortune.

Searching for 'Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Online’ Shop With Us Today

When you are looking to buy the best hybrid ceramic bearings available, look no further. Choosing to buy bicycle headset bearings from Aire Velo means you have a selection of products to choose from, suitable for both road bikes and mountain bikes. So no matter what type of bike you like, or what you like doing, be sure to buy your replacement hybrid ceramic bearings from us today.

As a one stop shop for all things related to bike bearings you can trust that we have you covered. The hybrid ceramic is a key component for your bike, and allows the handlebars to turn freely, it is extremely important that you choose the right headset bearings for your bike to ensure it functions efficiently and safely. That is why we stock and supply a wide variety of hybrid ceramic bearings suitable for a range of different bikes, as specialist hybrid ceramic bearing suppliers we understand how important it is to have the right options available. We are confident that you will find the hybrid ceramic bearing you require in the Aire Velo online store, get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

What’s the difference between the hybrid ceramic kit and the stainless steel kit?

The main difference is the reduction of friction within the bearing using hybrid ceramic bearings. For more information on the different pedal bearing kits that we provide, feel free to contact the specialist team at Aire Velo Bearings.

Do Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Need Lubrication?

Lubrication may not be required when using hybrid bearings at very low speeds. Still, as these bearings are often selected for higher speed applications than full ceramics, suitable lubrication is advised. Precision hybrid bearings with a high-speed cage are capable of very high speeds—hence their use in machine tool spindles.

Which Do I Need Hybrid or Full Ceramic Bearings?

A great way to look at the difference between hybrid ceramic bearings and full ceramic bearings for bike wheels is to look at the components that make up the bearing. Hybrid bearings typically include stainless steel rings (also known by some as races) but maintain ceramic balls. Full ceramic bearings on the other hand have ceramic balls and ceramic rings (races) as well. Ceramic balls on their own are smoother, lighter, tougher, and stronger. The benefits of ceramic balls are shared by both hybrid and full ceramic bearings.

A benefit of full ceramic ball bearings is weight. Ceramics are less weighty than hybrids made of stainless steel. Ceramic wheel bearings can reduce the weight off the bike even more, speeding up the rider on hill climbs. Another benefit is the reduced friction within the bearing due to there being no grease as full ceramic bearings are essentially self-lubricating allowing for a greater rotational speed and a more consistent rotation which can make improvements to your cadence. At the same time, full ceramic bearings do stand a greater chance of chipping & cracking when subjected to severe enough impacts such as pot holes & cracks on roads. Therefore, we ideally recommend full ceramic ball bearings for use on track & velodrome circuits however they can be used on the road as long as you understand that they are more susceptible to failure.

How Often Should I Change My Bike Bearings?

Many cyclists believe that just because their bike is clean, their bearings are also in good condition. A regular cleaning regime will create water ingress, which means, if the bike is used regularly, it will be free from seizing up. If you feel stiffness in the bike that occasionally suddenly loosens, then it’s time to replace this bearing. Experiences of riders who washed their bikes prior to winter storage then rebuilding them in the spring time have resulted in things seizing up.

Why Choose Aire Velo for your Hybrid Ceramic Bearings?

At Aire Velo our focus is to ensure that you receive the correct bearing for your bike & the type of riding you do. Hybrid ceramic bearings offer the best performance if you are the type of rider looking for every possible way to enhance your ride & find a competitive edge.