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Pedal Bearings

Buy Mountain Bike Pedal Bearings

At Aire Velo we provide a range of bike pedal bearings to customers across the UK giving you access to the right bearings for your pedal brand or model. When you choose Aire Velo, you can trust that you’re in the right hands.

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Mountain Bike Pedal Bearings

The range of mountain bike pedal bearings that we offer to customers across the UK, includes products of only the highest standards. At Aire Velo Bearings we stock some of the most commonly used pedal bearings found on mountain bicycles and bikes, we supply a selection of high quality mountain bike pedal bearings that support your bike and help provide a smooth and efficient ride. From mountain bike pedal bearings to sealed bearing pedals, our variety of products include the most innovative manufacturing techniques to ensure the bearings’ strength and durability. We are known for being one of the UK's largest and leading suppliers of mountain bike pedal bearings and offer a large range of products that includes different types of bearings for mountain bikes including pedal crank bearings and pedal ball bearings.

At Aire Velo Bearings our team of experts have over 30 years of experience in the area and provide their services on a national and international basis. What’s more is our team of bike professionals aim to supply only high quality pedal bearings as well as an excellent customer support service. If you are in need of any extra information or have any questions regarding the mountain bike pedal bearings that we provide, our team of experts are all highly knowledgeable so feel free to contact them today. At Aire Velo Bearings we specialise in providing a range of mountain bike pedal bearings for sale online. We are highly dependable to all of our customers across the UK and ensure that we stock mountain bike pedal bearings that are suitable for a range of mountain bikes and are also highly durable.


Bearings for Bike Pedals

Well manufactured pedal bearings for mountain bikes will help you to ride faster and more efficiently, as well as conserve your energy for those times when you need it the most. The range of pedal bearings that we stock online are both smooth and durable, allowing you to enjoy your ride and not have to worry about a potential bike breakdown. Mountain bikes are essential when it comes to mountain bikes, they make even the toughest routes easy to ride and navigate. At Aire Velo Bearings we are specialists which can be seen when it comes to the full range of mountain bikes we provide, our pedal bearings can fit a range of dimensions and styles, so whatever type of bicycle you ride, our professional team will advise you on the correct products. The Aire Velo Bearings team provides everything that you need to keep your bicycle in top condition, our extensive range of bike pedal ball bearings and replacement bike pedal bearings is bound to have you covered. As a renowned supplier you can rest assured that you’ve come to the right place, our range of mountain bike pedal bearings covers different applications suitable for different purposes.

At Aire Velo Bearings as the UK’s largest provider of mountain bike pedal bearings, our expert team aim to stock a vast range of bike pedal bearings for all of your mountain bike requirements. Whatever it is that you need, our professional team is highly knowledgeable in all things related to pedal bearings and we have everything you need. Having been providing mountain bike pedal bearings for a number of years, 30 years both nationally and internationally, there’s no need to look any further, you’re in the right place. Our specialist team has all of the necessary skills required to stock all mountain bike related bearings as well as having a team of experts and bike enthusiasts on hand. At Aire Velo Bearings we specialise in providing a range of mountain bike ball bearings that not only meet your requirements, but will exceed them.


Do you need bike pedal bearings?

If your pedals aren’t spinning as freely as they used to perhaps it’s time to change them for some new ones. Bike pedal bearings sizes can differ, this will depend on your requirements, at Aire Velo our team have a wealth of experience in the area so they can assist you when it comes to selecting the right bearings for your needs. So whatever your requirements when it comes to bike pedal bearings, at Aire Velo Bearings, we have you covered. Our extensive range is suitable for a range of pedal bikes, they’re also top quality, as well as the kits, tools and balls that we offer.

If you’re having problems removing or installing the pedal kit or if you’re not sure about anything give us a call, we will be uploading a how-to video on the subject soon.


Pedal Bearing Replacements

If you are looking for pedal bearing replacements, you have come to the right place. Aire Velo Bearings specialise in bike pedal bearings, with a range of sizes and materials to choose from. We have steel and ceramic bearings available, giving you more freedom to choose from when making your purchase.
Whether you are looking for BMX pedal bearings or bearings for the pedals on mountain bikes, we can help you find what you are looking for. We offer a range of quality bearings, kits, tools and balls suitable for the pedals, bottom brackets, hubs, wheels and headsets on bikes.


Bike Pedal Bearings

Bicycle Pedal Crank Bearings

The bike crank bearings are part of the bottom bracket assembly that slots into the round bottom bracket shell on the bicycle frame. This part will contain the spindle that is the axle of the crankset; this part allows the bearings to move smoothly. Over time the bearings will wear out as they grind against each other, making it harder for the crank to turn. Before the crank bearings are changed, it’s important that you understand the types of bottom brackets available and how to remove and replace the crank bearings.

Bike Pedal Ball Bearings

Bike pedal ball bearings are a staple part of the bike and their angular contact allows them to provide great performance and maintenance. Pedal ball earrings aim to reduce friction and can be used at both the front and rear bike wheel hubs.


Shop Online for Bike Pedal Bearings

If you are interested in finding out about how to install bike pedal bearings, Aire Velo Bearings can help you moving forward. Once you have made your purchase, check out our how to videos to see demonstration videos of bearings being installed (coming soon).

We offer one of the largest ranges of bike/bicycle bearings in the UK, with a comprehensive range of sizes and styles to choose from to help you make your purchase. As part of our pedal bearing section, we also have pedal kits available, designed to help you change the bearings with ease.


Why Choose Aire Velo Bearings?

At Aire Velo it's our priority to make sure that our customers receive pedal bearings to only the best quality and at a value for money price. What’s more is we also aim to offer our customers with the most competitive prices and value for money products. When it comes to mountain bike pedal bearings, the items that we offer have all been extensively tested and we guarantee that they are fit for purpose and created from only durable and reliable materials. This is also to make sure that you receive long-life parts and that they won’t fail, especially in those times where you need them the most.

We supply a range of mountain bike pedal bearings in different styles and sizes, all of which are available to purchase online. What’s more is we are confident that we have the bicycle bearings that you require to suit your needs. Below, we have listed a few of the key reasons why we think we should be your first choice for mountain bike pedal bearings:

  • A huge range of styles and bearing sizes to choose from.
  • Explanation advice and guides, supporting you to find what you need.
  • Highly experienced customer service team who can answer all of your bearing related queries.
  • Cost-effective and efficient prices mean you get your hands on the mountain bike pedal bearings that you need without spending a small fortune.


For Mountain Bike Pedal Bearings, Contact Aire Velo Today

Should you be looking for mountain bike pedal bearings, you’re in the right place, the Aire Velo Bearings team have got you covered. As leading pedal bearings stockists, we are home to a range of mountain bike pedal bearings products that can be purchased directly online from our website. The Aire Velo Bearings team aim to provide customers with not just a quality service but also value for money products. We regularly update our range of pedal bearings to make sure that our customers have the best selection to choose from. The range of mountain bike pedal bearings that we offer are suitable for use with a range of bicycles, no matter your requirements, we have a great range for you to choose from. Should you have any questions regarding any of our products, please contact our team of bike specialists today, they can be on hand to answer any queries you may have at any time.

Get in touch with Aire Velo Bearings today if you have any queries relating to any of the products within this range. We will gladly point you in the right direction of a mountain bike pedal bearing, sealed bearing pedals or pedal bearings for bicycles to meet your requirements.


Pedal Bearings FAQS:

Is it easy to replace pedal bearings using a kit?

Yes, our kits come fully equipped to ensure the painless replacement of pedal bearings. If you’re unsure about removing or installing the kit, give us a call.

Are your pedal bearings only suitable for speedplay pedals?

We offer pedal bearings that are suitable for a wide range of pedal brands, simply take a look at our wide selection of pedal bearings online.

What’s the difference between the hybrid ceramic kit and the stainless steel kit?

The main difference is the reduction of friction within the bearing using hybrid ceramic bearings. For more information on the different pedal bearing kits that we provide, feel free to contact the specialist team at Aire Velo Bearings.

What size pedal bearings do you provide?

We understand that when it comes to pedal bearings, every brand & model may have different bearing sizes, that’s why we pride ourselves on offering a large range to choose from.

How to fix bike pedal bearings?

When it comes to fixing pedal bearings, first things first you will need to gather a range of repair tools, next remove the dust cap, then remove the axle and the pedal bearings. We advise that the next step is to give all of the components a clean next you will need to grease them and then reassemble the components. Should you require any more information on how to fix your pedal bearings, feel free to contact the expert team at Aire Velo Bearings.