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Our Mountain Bike Bearings Will Help You To Conquer The World

Can you remember the first time that you saw the amazing mountain bike? Its rugged, striking design with oversized wheels and chunky tires, is just perfect for tackling rough terrain, hills, and mountains. This super-tough bike can go almost anywhere. What is one of the most important ways to maintain your mountain bike’s optimum performance? By installing top-quality mountain bike bearings to cope with demanding off-road biking. Aire Velo Bearings are premier UK suppliers of bike bearings, NTN bearings and we offer one of the widest selections of stock in Britain. What types of bike bearings can you purchase from us to keep your mountain bike in tip-top condition?

A Selection of High-Quality Bearings

What type of bearings do you prefer? We provide a selection of high-quality bearings for you to choose from. Maybe you like the traditional steel bearings and we stock these for bottom brackets, hubs, wheels, pedals, and headsets. This means that the cage, outer and inner race and the balls themselves are constructed of steel, along with rubber seals. The steel bearings have an ABEC 7 precision rating. You can rely on all our products to give you a consistent performance. If you would like stainless steel bearings on your mountain bike, we have a full range for you to select from. We also offer hybrid and full ceramic bike bearings for you to consider.

Reliable Performance

When you are out and about on your mountain bike, you need to have full confidence that your bike equipment won’t let you down. Can you imagine the implications of product failure when you are halfway up a mountain? By installing our unbeatable quality bearings, you can have total confidence that our bearings won’t let you down. We have over 30 years of experience in the industrial bearing industry and for over five years we have been providing bike bearings. Our bearing products are tried and tested in-house, so your confidence isn’t misplaced. When you consider the speeds and stunts that you perform on your mountain bike, you need to be able to focus on what you are doing. By investing in our top-quality mountain bike bearings, you can tackle any challenge knowing that you are using the best quality bearings available.

Advantages of Mountain Bikes

What are some of the undeniable advantages of mountain bikes? They provide an amazing weight to strength ratio. As well as being extremely lightweight (which is good when you are scaling a mountain or flying through the air) the mountain bike design absorbs vibration and offers you a compliant ride. For climbing up steep hills and covering rough terrain, is there a better bike available? By choosing to buy our products, you will find that your overall biking experience will be enhanced. If you take good care of your mountain bike, it will take good care of you.

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