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Brilliant Ball Bearings to Upgrade Your Bike

What is one of the most important aspects of your bike, which makes it work effectively? The ball bearings. When you stop to think about it, ball bearings including NTN bearings and crank bearings are at the centre of any part that rotates on your bike. Do you prefer steel, stainless steel, or ceramic balls? They each have their own attributes and it comes down to personal preferences and what you use your bike for. Aire Velo Bearings stock one of the widest selection of bearings in the UK and we can help you to upgrade your bike by using quality ball bearings.

Steel and Stainless Steel Balls

Let’s start with steel and stainless steel balls primarily for headsets and wheels. Steel balls are the most affordable option and they perform to a high level. Steel is widespread largely due to its strength and durability. Of course, they must be maintained using oil and other rust inhibitors to avoid any corrosion. What about our stainless steel ball bearings? These have the added value being resistant to rust, as well as being hardwearing. Both our steel and stainless steel balls are grade 10 balls, which means that they are manufactured to very precise standards.

Ceramic Balls

Ceramic balls are lighter, create less friction, and need less maintenance than other ball bearings. The ceramic balls that we provide have an even higher level of precision and are grade five balls. They are more expensive than steel and stainless steel ball bearings, but they are estimated to last many times longer. It really depends on your budget and how you use your bike. All our ball bearings are competitively priced and represent affordable options for you to consider. With ceramic balls, you may have to pay more at the beginning, but their longevity makes them a popular choice with many cyclists.

Wide Selection of Sizes

As premier suppliers of ball bearings, we can offer a wide selection of sizes for you to choose from. If you consider the different types of bike out there, we aim to provide something for everyone. What dimensions of steel, stainless steel, and ceramic balls can we offer you? We supply 1/4 inch, 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch, 5/32 inch, and 7/32 inch options. We are confident that we can find the correct size ball bearings for your bike. Once you select what you require, we offer a quick delivery service, including same day shipping if you order it before 2pm.

High-Quality Products

Regardless of what type of ball bearings you choose, all of them are high-quality products. You bike relies on these small but essential components to perform well, so it’s best not to compromise on quality. We’ve gathered a lot of experience over the years and we are happy to help you in any way.

Would you like any additional information about our ball bearings? You can fill in our online contact form and will look forward to getting back in touch with you promptly.