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High-Quality Headset Bearings To Improve Your Handling

Remember the old days when the steering on your bike was often clunky, stiff and had excessive play? The advancements in bike engineering technology means that you can enjoy the smoothest handlebar action imaginable. The key is to upgrade your bike with our high-quality headsets. Aire Velo Bearings are bearings specialists and we have one of the widest selection of bike headset bearings within the UK. Does it really make any difference to your biking experience? What can we do for you?

The Importance of Headsets

Very few things are as important as the steering system on your bike. It’s the sort of thing that is easy to ignore when you are out and about on your bike, either socially or professionally. Have you noticed any excessive play in your handlebars and stem? Perhaps there is an element of grittiness when you turn the handlebars back and forth. It’s easy to overlook this problem reasoning that it’s always been like this. Or you might feel that it doesn’t really matter. But think about it, the freer your handlebars turn, the more control you will have in different conditions and the more enjoyable it will be too. A loose and excessively worn headset can be dangerous and cause damage to your frame as well. What can we do for you?

High-Quality Headset Bearings

We have an enormous selection of high-quality headset bearings for you to choose from. They are constructed from steel and stainless steel, and we also stock a limited range of hybrid ceramic headset bearings. The obvious advantage of stainless steel is that it is more resistant to corrosion. This helps produce a high level of performance along with good longevity. What about our hybrid ceramic bearings? The raceways are stainless steel and the bearings are ceramic. Regardless of what type of headset bearing you choose, they are all premium quality.

A Wide Choice of Competitively Priced Headset Bearings

Our headset bearings are very competitively priced and we stock these for most bikes that use internal or integrated bearings. It’s important to remember that you need to take into consideration the diameter, as well as the chamfer angle if applicable. Are the headset bearings metric or imperial? Many use the old imperial method, for example, one and a half inches, but they are actually metric measurements (in millimetres). We are confident that you will find what you are searching for on our website.

Freer Steering and More Control

After installing one of our headset bearings, you should immediately notice the difference. Your handlebars will turn more freely and smoothly, giving you greater control when handling your bike. For a small amount of expenditure, this simple upgrade can improve your overall biking experience. In addition, this minor investment will serve you well in the long run – you won’t regret upgrading your headset bearing.

Would you like to find out more about our headset bearings or any other products? You can contact us on our website. Why not fill out our online enquiry form today?