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The Best Quality Bearings For Your BMX Bike

Mention BMX bikes and what comes to mind? Super multi-talented riders performing incredible stunts, or attacking difficult off-road courses. Although generally small in stature, these sturdy bikes can do almost anything. What is the best way to ensure that you can get the maximum performance out of your BMX? By using top quality bearings and other products. Aire Velo Bearings are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of headset and other bearings including NTN bearings and we also have one of the largest stockist anywhere in Britain. What can we offer you to your upgrade your BMX bike for an extreme performance?

Everything That You Need

Are you looking for high-quality bearings for your wheels, bottom brackets, headsets? Then you have come to the right place. When you purchase our BMX bearings, you will find that the inner and outer races, as well as the cages are made of premium steel. Would you prefer stainless steel construction? The MID 19 bottom bracket bearing is what you are looking for. The chain is one of the most important parts of your BMX bike. Who wants to deal with chain problems when on your way to ride? Sometimes problems with chains happen. We know that the Regina chains that we supply are both extremely durable and reliable. Regina’s expertise and the technology in their motorbike chains has been carried over into the BMX bike chains, so you can have complete confidence in the quality of this product.

Confidence in Our Products

For you to have confidence in your BMX bike when performing freestyle stunts or when racing, you need to have premium quality parts. For over 5 years we have been selling bike bearings and we have 30 years of experience supplying industrial bearings. With the experience that we have, why would you go anywhere else? Our products are tried and tested by our in-house bike specialist, Matt, who rides BMX bikes at the weekend to test our bearings. It’s one thing to speak about the superiority of our bearings, but it’s another thing to know something through experience. Matt’s out there doing what you do every weekend. So, when you buy any of our products for your BMX bike, you are not just getting excellent quality but field tested reliability as well.

Profile Hub Bearing Kits

Can you imagine the wear and tear on your BMX hub bearings? This is especially so when flying through the air and the impact of landing, or the many jumps that you perform whilst racing around a course. We offer a comprehensive range of Profile hub bearing kits. Do you require just the front or the rear kit? You can buy these separately, or you can purchase these as a set. Whatever you need for your BMX bike, these Profile hub kits are high-quality and durable. Our products are very competitively priced and represent excellent overall value.

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