ZS44/ZS56 Kit


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Upper bearing – MH-P03K (30.15x41x6.5 – 36/45)

Lower bearing – MH-P25K (40x52x6.5 – 36/45)

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Upper bearing – MH-P03K (30.15x41x6.5 – 36/45)

Lower bearing – MH-P25K (40x52x6.5 – 36/45)

ZS44 / ZS56 Kits

Cane Creek Headsets

When it comes to Cane Creek headsets, our team at Aire Velo Bearings have a vast range of bearings and kits to choose from. So, no matter your needs for bike headsets and bearings, it’s good to know that we’re here to help.

ZS44 / ZS56 Kit Supplier

If you’re in search of a reputable company that sells Zs44/Zs56 kits, then let our experts at Aire Velo Bearings help. We have been selling bearings to customers across the UK for many years now, so you can be more than confident in knowing that we will find the right headset for you.

Why Choose Us?

Having sold ZS44 / ZS56 Kits online for many years now, we have developed an outstanding reputation both for the high quality products we provide and our customer service. So, if you’re based in the UK and are shopping for ZS44 / ZS56 Kits, be sure to choose Aire Velo Bearings. We also deliver our products across Europe, including to Italy and Spain.

Some of the main reasons why we believe that you should choose us for your ZS44 / ZS56 Kit are:

  • We’re well known across the country for headset bearings
  • We sell the latest products for bikes
  • We offer a complete service
  • All of our products come at an affordable price – Shop our range today

For more information about us or any of the products we have to offer, please waste no time and be sure to give our team a call. No matter if you’re looking to enhance your bike or repair a part that is broken, we have everything covered.

Order Your ZS44 / ZS56 Kit Today

At Aire Velo Bearings, we’re proud to offer bike headsets and bearings to customers throughout the UK. We offer the best prices for all our customers across the country, so no matter your needs for bearings, we’re here to help you.

We’re here to help improve your ride, be it with essential parts or new ways to enhance your bike, and we have everything you might need. Don’t forget, we even stock frame bearings and pedal bearings. So, no matter the brand, category, product or price you have in mind, our bike experts have access to thousands of products to help find the perfect one for your needs.

Please be sure to shop our range online today to discover more about the range of products we have to offer to our customers. Should you require further details, then contact our team and we will be happy to help.

Contact Aire Velo Bearings for ZS44 / ZS56 Kits

If you’re looking for a supplier for ZS44 / ZS56 Kits, let our professionals at Aire Velo Bearings take care of everything. We have been supplying bearings to customers across England and the UK for many years now. So no matter the brand, product, or price you have in mind, we’re more than confident in saying that we will have the correct product to meet your needs.

Simply browse through our website to view the variety of categories we have to offer for bikes and accessories. It’s also good to know that we offer PayPal Credit should you be looking to pay for your items later. Create an account to save your order history.

Discover more details on the finance options we have available and be sure to contact our team today.

Weight0.07 kg
Dimensions52 × 52 × 13 mm

41 / 52


6.5 / 6.5

Chamfer Angles


Internal Chamfer Angle


External Chamfer Angle



Chrome Steel


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