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Canyon Headset Bearings & Spares

Quality Canyon Headset Bearings

Here at Aire Velo we stock a wide range of Canyon headset bearings & spares. Whether you need them to carry out a repair or simply want to have spare parts stored at home, you can rest assured that you will find the Canyon headset bearings you are looking for when you choose Aire Velo Bearings. Allowing you to keep your bike running safely and efficiently so you can achieve the optimum performance on it. For more information get in touch.

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Canyon Headset Bearings for Sale by Aire Velo

The Canyon headset bearings that we supply are genuine Acros parts but we do also sell our own versions of the Canyon headset bearings at a cheaper price point but still a great quality product. As industry-leading ball bearing experts, you can count on us to supply you with the right bearings for you and your bike.

The smoothest handlebar action is down to high quality headsets. Here at Aire Velo we stock and supply a wide range of Canyon headset bearings to customers throughout the UK. Whether you have a road bike or off-road bike, upgrading your bearings to the best on the market is an investment you won’t regret. Contact today.

The Importance of of Canyon Headset Bearings

Very few things are as important as the steering system on your bike. It’s the sort of thing that is easy to ignore when you are out and about on your bike, either socially or professionally. Have you noticed any excessive play in your handlebars and stem? Perhaps there is an element of grittiness when you turn the handlebars back and forth. It’s easy to overlook this problem reasoning that it’s always been like this. Or you might feel that it doesn’t really matter. But think about it, the freer your handlebars turn, the more control you will have in different conditions and the more enjoyable it will be too. A loose and excessively worn headset can be dangerous and cause damage to your frame as well.

Canyon Head Bearing Kit

Each kit is tailor made with all of the tool sizes required to remove the bearings from the selected Canyon frame (one, two, three or four tools depending on the frame)

Designed to extract the sealed cartridge bearings that are found on many brands of bicycle hub and full suspension MTB frames, this tool can even remove the small bearings,‘blind bearings’ and back-to-back bearings that other tools can’t, all of our Canyon Headset bearings are designed in the UK, a number of sizes available, removes ‘blind’ and back to back bearings and allows the bearings to be removed straight, kind to frame.

How to Use the Canyon Head Bearing Kit

The bearing puller tool is simple to use. As well as the puller you will need a pair of spanners (or one spanner and a set of pliers), a hammer and a rod/drift/old bolt:

  • Insert the circular end of the tool into the centre of the bearing.Grip the hexagonal body of the tool with a spanner or pliers and tighten the nut. This will expand the tool, gripping the bearing/
  • With the hub/frame supported on a bench or block of wood, the bearing and tool can be tapped out together by simply inserting a rod/drift/old bolt into the other side of the bearing and tapping the end of the rod with a hammer.

Headset Bearings for Canyon Bikes

Here at Aire Velo we stock and supply a wide range of Canyon headset bearings that can be used on both road bikes and off-road bikes. We are confident that no matter that type of bike you have, you will find the right ball bearings in our store. Some of the bikes we have recently supplied Canyon headset bearings for include:

  • R36 Endurace CF SLX
  • R39 Ultimate CF SLX
  • R28 Aeroad CF SLX

Canyon Headset Bearings and Spares

Canyon headset bearings are designed and engineered in Germany by Acros. The team at Canyon strive to make the best bikes and parts. When you have a Canyon bike and need headset bearings and spares, you can rest assured that Aire Velo stock a range of headset bearings suitable for a wide range of Canyon Bikes.

A Wide Choice of Competitively Priced Canyon Headset Bearings

Our canyon headset bearings are very competitively priced and we stock these for most bikes that use internal or integrated bearings. It’s important to remember that you need to take into consideration the diameter, as well as chamfer angle if applicable. Are the headset bearings metric or imperial? Many use the old imperial method, for example one and half inches, but they are actually metric measurements. We are confident that you will find what you are searching for on our website.

Why Choose Aire Velo for Canyon Headset Bearings and Spares?

The team at Aire Velo have been providing a range of high-quality ball bearings to customers throughout the UK for several years now, we are renowned for the 5* rated service that we provide to all of our customers. Not just this, we are often the first choice for a number of customers who are looking for high quality, high performing and affordable headset bearings. As a leading Canyon and Acros bearing stockist, you can rest assured that you will receive high quality bearings at a competitive price. What’s more, when you choose to buy Canyon headset bearings from Aire Velo our online shop is easy to use and we offer fast delivery, if you order your headset bearings before 4pm we will ship them the same day.

Buy Canyon Headset Bearings and Spares

When it comes to buying Canyon headset bearings online, we like to make things as easy as possible for our customers. We understand that you probably lead a busy life, and don’t want to spend hours trawling through websites to find the right product for you. If you know exactly what type of bearing you are looking for you, you can easily shop online with a few clicks of a button. If you aren’t so sure what you should be looking for, you can speak to a member of our professional and friendly team who with years of expert knowledge will be able to help you. No matter what you are looking for, be sure to make Aire Velo your first choice when you are looking to buy Canyon headset bearings, get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canyon Headset Bearings

How Do I Install/Replace Canyon Headset Bearings?

The first thing you will need to do is grease the inside of the headtube where the bearing is seated. You need to replace the lower bearing first, making sure that it is positioned so that it fits correctly into the frame. The fork then needs to be inserted into the headtube of the bike. The top bearing can then be greased and replaced. Once again, you need to ensure that it is positioned correctly into the frame. The compression rings and seals can then be replaced. Then the stem can be replaced. You can then replace the top cap, making sure that it is tightened correctly and takes up any slack. Be sure though to not overtighten this, as this is easily done. If you do, you can damage the bearings

How Do I Remove my Canyon Headset?

There are usually two internal bearings located in the bike’s head tube. One is at the bottom while the other is at the top. To remove the bearings, you will firstly need to unscrew the pinch bolts, you will then need to remove the compression rings and dust seals. Just remember the order that you removed them in, so as to make replacing them that much easier, a good tip is to thread them onto a piece of string or tie.

You will now be able to remove the bike’s fork. The bike’s canyon headset bearings will now be able to be removed from the frame. This is now the perfect time in which to add a bit of degreaser, so as to thoroughly clean the inside of the frame. Once this has been done, you are then ready to replace the integrated bearings.

How to Measure Canyon Headset Bearings?

Most bike bearings bear a code, if you cannot see the code or the code does not make sense, you can identify the size bearing you will need by measuring the inner diameter, outer diameter and depth. For accurate readings, we would recommend using a good quality digital vernier.

When Should I Service my Bike Bearings?

The team at Aire Velo recommend servicing your bike bearings if the wheels are rough when you spin them around. Problems will tend to occur from wear and tear in the bearings through the ingress of water, dirt and grime. Full bike service and regular maintenance will ensure that your bike is in good working order and will perform to the optimal level.

Do you Sell Upper Headset Bearings?

Yes, whether you are looking for upper headset bearings or lower headset bearings, we have a wide range of headset bearings available, in a range of sizes and colours.