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Enduro Bearings

Specialised Enduro Headset Bearings

If you are looking for specialised enduro headset bearings, then you have come to the right place. Unlike some other bearings, Enduro bearings are not just ‘off the shelf’ industrial bearings. They have been designed and tailored to specifically meeting the demands of cycling. Every aspect of Enduro bike bearings is considered and specified to provide a superior performance and value for each application. From the material of the races and ball bearings, to the types of seal and even grease, every little detail is considered to provide the ultimate performance. For more information get in touch today.

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Buy Enduro Bearings Online

Here at Aire Velo Bearings we are pleased to offer a wide range of Enduro bearings to customers throughout the UK, so if you are looking to buy Enduro bearings look no further. Our online shop has a wide range of products for you to choose from. No matter what type or size you are looking for we have you covered. What’s more when you choose to buy Enduro bearings from our online shop, we aim to make buying them as easy as possible, in a few simple steps you can order the product of your choosing and have it delivered in no time, allowing you to have a smooth ride.


What Are Enduro Bike Bearings?

Here at Aire Velo Bearings we are proud stockists of Enduro Bearings, the number one brand in the bicycle industry. No matter what your needs are for needing Enduro bearings whether you are upgrading your bicycle drivetrain to the best bottom bracket or upgrading your suspension bike pivot bearings to our MAX type bearings, you will be rolling along faster and with less maintenance than ever before.

We offer a complete range of products, from our ABEC-3 and ABEC-5 radial bearings for improved hub performance, to Ceramic Silicon Nitride balls and XD-15 Nitrogen Steel bottom brackets and hub bearings. We have recently added a range of Angular Contact ABEC-5 bearings with a patented Enduro Bearings design, that improves hub bearing life by 3 times, while rolling smoother and with no side to side play inherent in other manufacturers' bearings. Our range of Enduro Bearings include:

  • 6902 Enduro Bearing - Our range of 6902 Enduro Bearing are all Grade 10 Chromium Steel Balls, these are high precision that are twice as round as industry standard, at the highest level.
  • Enduro ABEC 5 61903 - The ABEC 5 is the next step up from ABEC 3 range. This is military high level, precision HRC-64 hard ended Grade 5 Chromium Steel Balls, and high carbon chromium alloy mirror polished race. This gives ABEC 5 bearings twice the tolerances as tight as ABEC 3.
  • MR2437-2RS Enduro Bike Bearing - These Chromium-Alloy mirror polished ball races. The graphite and nylon ball retainers allow virtually friction-less movement and provide constant lubrication to maximise the bearing span.
  • 61802 SRS Enduro Bearing - These vacuum degassed processes the purest chromium alloy steel, hardened to R-62, extremely tough and very durable. Polished to a mirror finish for ABEC-3 precision and noiseless movement.

No matter what type of Enduro bearing you are in need of, we've got you covered!


Enduro Bike Bearings

If you are a cycling enthusiast, you will already know that Enduro bearings are amongst the very best in the cycling industry, if you aren’t a cycling enthusiast you now know that Enduro bicycle bearings are considered to be the best. If you are looking for the best headset bearings, then look no further. Bike bearings from Enduro are designed and manufactured to be the highest quality, giving you a number of benefits. Whether you are looking to replace or upgrade the current bearings on your bike, then Enduro have you covered. Available in a range of sizes no matter what bike you have, you are sure to find the best product for you.

As Enduro bike bearings have been designed specifically for bicycles and the cycling industry, you can be confident you will find a bicycle specific bearing. If you are struggling to find the bearing you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team who will be more than happy to help. While we only stock a number of Enduro bearing products, we do have access to the full Enduro range so we are confident we will find what you need. Whether you are looking for Enduro max bearings or Enduro bottom brackets, you can count on us.


High Performance Enduro Bearings

Should you be looking for quality bearings then there is no need for you to look anywhere else, Enduro bearings offer some of the highest quality bearings available to cyclists. Enduro bike bearings ensure that your bike continues to run safely and efficiently, so don’t hesitate to view the range of Enduro bearings available to buy from Aire Velo. What’s more when you choose Aire Velo Bearings to supply your replacement parts you can have complete peace of mind that the Enduro products we supply are authentic and of the highest quality.

The engineers at Enduro Corporation constantly work to ensure that their bearings are to the highest of standards and the best they possibly can be, this ensures they continue to receive high levels of customer satisfaction.

When you are looking for efficient and innovative ball bearings for your bicycle, Enduro bearings from Aire Velo are the ones you should consider. With a wide range of bearings available, you won’t find a more broad and comprehensive range of Enduro ball bearings on the market. The team at Enduro take great pride in the high quality products they create, and we take great pride in stocking and supplying the quality products. As premier stockists, we ensure that you receive high quality bearings at affordable prices. What's more, when you choose Aire Velo Bearings you can trust that we offer an easy to use online shop and fast delivery, should you order before 4pm you can trust that will include next day shipping.


Buy Enduro Bearings

If you are looking to buy Enduro bearings, you have come to the right place. Our online shop has a wide range of quality and affordable Enduro products to buy. Some of our most popular products include:

  • Enduro 6801
  • Enduro 6901
  • Enduro ABEC3
  • Enduro Max Bearings

Don’t worry if you don’t see the product you require listed above, they are just a few of our more popular products. When you choose Aire Velo Bearings if we don’t have what you are looking for on our online shop, you can trust that we have access to the full Enduro range so we are sure to get the product you need. Simply get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your requirements, we will be more than happy to help.


Types of Bearings

As with any bearings, Enduro offers a wide range of products. When you choose to buy Enduro bearings for your bicycle you can choose from stainless steel and hybrid ceramic.


Stainless Steel Bearings

Enduro bearings manufacturers a number of bearings with 440C stainless steel balls and races. This material is used to offer a high quality product that provides the user with maximum corrosion resistance.


Ceramic Hybrid Bearings

Using grade 5 ceramic calls with ABEC chromium steel races, the ceramic hybrid bearings have seals that keep out more contaminants and run freely than any other, giving you a completely smooth ride. No matter what type of Enduro bearing you require, you can count on the team at Aire Velo Bearings to provide you with a product that meets your needs and requirements.


Enduro Bearings Distributor

As a proud stockist and supplier of Enduro bearings you can rest assured that no matter what product you are looking for, we have you covered. We have provided Enduro bicycle bearings to customers throughout the UK for a number of years now and have an excellent reputation for the products we supply and the high levels of customer service that all of our customers receive. With our fast delivery rates no matter where you are based when you are searching for Enduro bearings for sale near me, you can trust you will receive a quality product from Aire Velo. Whether you want to replace your bicycle bearings because they are worn or simply want to upgrade to a better bearing, be sure to consider the Enduro bearings for sale in the UK from Aire Velo. As premier ball bearing stockists, you can trust that you will find the right bearings for your needs and requirements.


Why Choose Aire Velo Bearings for Enduro Bearings?

Aire Velo have been providing customers throughout the UK with high quality and affordable Enduro bearings for a number of years now. Over the years we have developed an excellent reputation for the services and products we provide to customers across the UK. Having provided national and international bearings to customers for over 30 years now, it is clear to see that we have a wealth of knowledge and experience for all things bearings. So if you have any questions, be sure to get in touch with a member of our team today who will be more than happy to help. Classed as the best money can buy bearings, there really is no reason for you to look elsewhere.


Buy Enduro Bicycle Bearings

Here at Aire Velo we have made buying Enduro bicycle bearings easier than ever. Our online shop is easy to use and you can pay directly through paypal. For the best bicycle bearings available on the market, be sure to shop the Enduro range with Aire Velo. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we will find it for you, simply get in touch.


Frequently Asked Questions About Enduro Bearings

Where are Enduro bearings made?

Enduro manufactures products across the globe. For example the premium XD-15 cartridges are manufactured from start to finish in California, it is thought that they continue to manufacture the hybrid ceramic batches in the US to ensure that they continue to deliver the same high quality products. Enduro also take great pride in using their own in house tools to make the bearings.

Do ceramic bearings last longer than steel?

You should find that the state of the art XD-15 ceramic bearings last longer than steel bearings, providing they are set up correctly and well maintained. If you are using regular hybrid ceramic bearings from Enduro you will need to ensure that they are cleaned and lubricated on a regular basis to last longer than steel bearings. Here at Aire Velo Bearings we follow Enduro guidelines and would recommend that your hybrid ceramic bearings are serviced every 6 months, otherwise you may find that they become subject to wear and tear faster. The team would also recommend that to get the most out of your bearings they should be thoroughly cleaned after long road rides or muddy cross rides. In the majority of cases bearings should last for a relatively long time, however once the grease has gone you will be looking for replacement bearings.

My Enduro bearings feel rough in the bike but smooth in my hand?

All Enduro bearings are products to the exact, industry specified, sizes. However, different frames and hub shells use different tolerances. Some can be slightly undersized while others are slightly oversized. To account for this, you must make sure that your bearings are seated completely and properly before riding. Often, in an undersized shell, the bearing can become cocked at a slight angle. Even when using the BRT-005 it can be hard to tell whether the bearing is fully seated or not. If you find the bearing feels rough after it has been pressed in, tap the bearing lightly with a plastic mallet in even intervals and then check it again. Often, this fixes the problem and the bearing seats fully allow it to spin freely.

Are Enduro bearings good?

If you are looking for value for money bearings then Enduro bearings should be your first choice. While they are priced slightly higher than other bearings, they are excellent and designed specifically for bicycles unlike some other bearings. As industry leading bearings you can trust you will receive a quality product that makes a difference to your bike performance.

Where I live it rains frequently, and stays wet, is there an Enduro bearing option that is best for me?

There’s no need to panic if you live in a climate that is wet, if our bike is subject to moisture. The 440C Stainless Steel bearings are the perfect choice for you. Although the chromium steel is the hardest material for bearings, they are designed with riders and bikes who are dealing with wet weather on a regular basis. Through the LLB type seals and CRC Marine Grease the 440C stainless steel bearings provide additional protection in the toughest conditions. If you would like more information or have any questions, be sure to get in touch with a member of our team today.