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Enduro Bearings

Enduro Bearings

Unlike others, Enduro bearings are not just ‘off the shelf’ Industrial bearings. They are tailored specifically for the demands of cycling. Every aspect of an Enduro bearing is considered and spec’d to provide superior performance and value for each application. From the material of the races and the ball bearings, the types of seal and even the grease. Each of these has a profound effect of the performance and longevity of a bearing.

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Quality Enduro Ball Bearings

Bike bearings are essential when it comes to keeping your bicycle functioning correctly and effectively, it’s important that replacement bearings of the appropriate quality are provided to ensure durability and reliability. When it comes to bearings, at Aire Velo we offer a large selection of bearings, we’ll also ensure that these are of the highest quality so you can rest assured that your bike will remain in good working order.

Enduro Ball Bearings from Aire Velo

Enduro bearings are without a doubt amongst the very best in the industry, and their team has consistently engineered bearings to a higher quality than the industry standard. If you ever find yourself needing to replace, or wanting to upgrade, the bearings or fork seals on your bike, then Enduro bearings are exactly what you need. Enduro bearings are best fitted with Enduro's bearing puller tools. Enduro make a large range of bespoke Bearing tools to help remove and install your bearings correctly. Again, these tools are of a very high quality so they are not only suitable for the home mechanic but for shop mechanics as well.

Replacement Enduro Bearings

The replacement bike caged ball bearings that we provide can be sorted in relation to the specific diameters and width that you may require. What’s more is we only provide products from leading manufacturers, so you know that you’re ordering products of only the highest standard. The customer service team at Aire Velo have the skills and knowledge to assist with any questions or queries you may have. Having extensive industry knowledge and experienced means that we can assist with all of your requirements and specifications.

Why Choose Aire Velo for your Enduro Bearings?

At Aire Velo our main focus is to ensure that you receive enduro bearings of only the best quality and at a value for money price. We also offer those customers who buy in bulk an even lower price on their orders.

When it comes to replacement bike enduro bearings, the items that we provide have been extensively tested to make sure that they’re all fit for purpose and manufactured from durable and reliable materials. This will also make sure that they provide you with a long-life cycle and won’t fail when you need them the most.

Buy Your Enduro Bearing Replacements Online Today!

We offer a full line of steel and ceramic bearings for almost any application. From headsets to hubs, wheels to suspension pivots, bottom brackets to jockey wheels...If it spins, Enduro Bearings is there.

If you are stuck looking for the right replacement Enduro bearings to suit your needs, contact Aire Velo Bearings today and we can point you in the right direction. Make Aire Velo your first choice for Enduro bearings – Shop online today!


Frequently Asked Questions About Enduro Bearings

How Do I Measure My Bearings? If there is no bearing code that makes sense, you can try and identify the bearing you need by measuring the Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter and Depth. To be accurate, it is advised to use a good quality digital Vernier. Headset bearings usually have chamfer angles to measure too, but this is a lot more difficult to determine. Do Ceramic Bearings Last Longer than Steel? XD-15 ceramic bearings will last longer than steel bearings, and even with minimal lubrication as long as they are properly set up and adjusted. For all other ceramic hybrid bearings, they need regular cleaning and lubrication service in order to last longer than any steel bearings. Every six months is a good benchmark service interval, but common sense also dictates here; after a particularly muddy cross race or long rain ride for instance. Most bearings will last a very long time as long as they have grease in them, but once the grease is gone and they are running dry, it will be a short time to replacement. My bearing feels rough in the bike but smooth in my hand? We produce all our bearings to the exact, industry specified, sizes. However, different frames and hub shells use different tolerances. Some can be slightly undersized while others slightly oversized. To account for this, you must make sure that your bearings are seated completely and properly before riding. Often, in an undersized shell, the bearing can become cocked at a slight angle. Even when using the BRT-005 it can be hard to tell whether the bearing is fully seated or not. If you find the bearing feels rough after its been pressed in, tap the bearing lightly with a plastic mallet in even intervals and then check it again. Often, this fixes the problem and the bearing seats fully allowing it to spin freely.