Max Complement Bearing Kits


Aire Velo Bearings offer a comprehensive range of MAX complement bearings, also known as full complement bearings. MAX complement bearings have no retainers/cages, meaning more balls can be packed inside. Compared to bearings with cages, full complement bearings have an increased load capacity of around 40% or more. This type of bearing is highly suited to suspension pivots on mountain bikes, where there is a higher load and a lower rotation rate. The whole point of MAX complement bearings is that more balls allow for greater strength in lower rotation, high load applications. Some of the bearings come with flanges or extended inner races on one side or both sides, which helps with spacing (depending on where they are installed on the bike). Some of the codes/dimensions enable you to see this, such as the 698-2RSE MAX (8x19x6/7.5), where the E suffix refers to the extended race. Contact today.