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Max Complement Bearing Kits


Aire Velo Bearings offer a comprehensive range of MAX complement bearings, also known as full complement bearings. Our product range covers the variety of bearings found within suspension swing arms on full suspension mountain bikes.

MAX complement bearings are made with steel inner and outer races and rubber seals (2RS). They are packed to full capacity with as many balls as possible, without any cages separating them. This means the bearings can take greater loads.

Bearings in suspension swing arm systems never do a full rotation, meaning no cage separation is required to achieve high rotational speed. MAX complement bearings can take a real hammering and can take an increased load due to the application and usage of full suspension mountain bikes.

Some of the bearings come with extended inner races on one side or both sides, which helps with spacing (depending on where they are installed on the bike). Some of the dimensions enable you to see this, such as the 698-2RSE MAX (8x19x6/7.5), where the E suffix refers to the extended race.


The real term for MAX complement bearings is full complement bearings. The word ‘MAX’ comes from Enduro, who managed to Trademark the term ‘MAX’.

MAX complement bearings have no retainers/cages, meaning more balls can be packed inside. Compared to bearings with cages, full complement bearings have an increased load capacity of around 40% or more. This type of bearing is highly suited to suspension pivots on mountain bikes, where there is a higher load and a lower rotation rate.

The whole point of MAX complement bearings is that more balls allow for greater strength in lower rotation, high load applications.


Full (or MAX) bearings also differ from 2RS bearings because they have a high contact dual lipped labyrinth seal, which basically means the seal has 2 lips. The two lips fit neatly into a matching groove on the inner race of the bearing. The outer seal is given the job of repelling outdoor contaminants, like water and mud, while the job of the inner seal is simply to retain the marine quality grease that keeps everything running smoothly.

The MAX complement bearing is regarded as one of the best bicycle bearings on the market today, especially for suspension pivots on mountain bikes. The race grooves and a bit deeper than other bike bearings within our range, offering more lateral support for the twisting and forces associated with mountain bike pivots. With superior sealing and load capacity, these types of bearings are a mountain bikers dream come true.


If you’re confused about which MAX complement bearing to purchase, contact Aire Velo Bearings and we can help you moving forward. We will gladly answer any questions you have and help you to find the right bearing size to suit your requirements.

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What is a MAX complement bearing?

The term MAX is a trade mark for full complement bearings. These bearings are the same grade as standard bearings but without the retaining cage. This allows for extra space inside the bearings meaning you can add more balls to the MAX complement bearing.

Why should I choose a MAX complement bearing?

MAX complement bearing is much more durable and last longer than traditional bearings. The outer seal will help to reflect mud and water, meaning your bearings are more resistant to rust. A good quality bearing should retain grease whilst keeping the contaminants out.

What types of bikes can MAX complement bearings be used for?

Most bikes are capable of accepting MAX complement bearings. However, the most popular types of bikes for suspension mountain bikes which support a suspension swing arm. It’s always best to check whether your bike can take MAX complement bearings before ordering.

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