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How To Replace A Bike Chain

Replace A Bike Chain

If your bike chain has become damaged or broken while on a bicycle ride, follow these tips to get you back up and running in no time! We can understand that some people would rather do things themselves than have to wait to get one fixed by a professional. Our simple tips will help you to get back up and running in no time!

1. Get Rid of the Old Chain

The first thing you will need to do is remove the old chain. Most chains have a quick link which means that you can compress is to split the chain safely and effectively. Some chains will need you to twist it until the pin pops out.

2. Clean the Chainrings

Now that the old chain is removed, it would be beneficial to clean your chainrings and cassette to make sure that everything is in tact and in mint condition. It would be pointless to fit a new chain onto a bike that is worn down at the cassette.

3. Thread New Chain

Bring the smallest sprocket and chainring down and thread the new chain through to the front derailleur cage. After this, pull it across and loop it round the rear cassette and round the upper jockey wheel on the derailleur. Then you need to thread it inside the divider between the plates and through the cage and around the lower wheel.

4. Work Out the Length

Once you have threaded the chain correctly it needs to be measured correctly before being cut. To do this you will need to pull the ends of the chain together to that they meet below the chainstay. To find the correct length you need to find the longest point that still has some tension on the rear derailleur, making sure that you join an external link to and internal one. After you have the correct size, you will then need to cut the chain.

5. Insert the Pin

With your new chain, a pin will have been packed with it for the purpose of assembling the chain to the bicycle. With the point end of the pin, take the ends of the chain and slot them together. Then push the pin in so that it holds the chain together. Pick up the chain tool again and unscrew the handle a few turns. Once the spin is in place, you can snap off the end with pliers.
There are different chain tools that you can use to help you when it comes to changing your bike chain, though following these quick and simple steps, you will be sorted in no time at all. With the benefit of little cost!