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Ceramic Vs Steel Headset Bearings

Riding a Bike

Ever wondered what the difference is between ceramic and steel headset bearings? One might think that they are interchangeable but in reality, there are many differences. Steel bearings offer excellent durability compared to their ceramic counterparts. Both types of bearing will need to be replaced eventually, but it will take longer for a steel bearing to wear out than it would for a ceramic one.

The other significant difference is that steel can handle more load weight before failing; this means that if you’re looking for something that’s going to last as long as possible, then steel may be your best bet but ceramic bearings have less friction which makes them easier on the bike’s drivetrain and chainrings. Our team here at Aire Velo Bearings has put together this blog post to highlight which ones you need to help you buy your headset bearings without any stress. If you need further information when you have read our blog, feel free to call us for more information.

How Much Do Headset Bearings Cost?

When you start looking at whether to buy a ceramic or a steel set of headset bearings, you will notice a price difference due to the cost difference of ceramic and steel. It takes a vast amount of time to perfect and hone the ceramic ball and weeks for a headset bearing ball to be polished to perfection. When it comes to steel, the material cannot reach the same level of perfection; it won’t be a perfect sphere or as smooth as ceramic. This is down to the properties of the material, they are separated by the ability to polish.

Depending on the level of quality you are looking for depends on the cost. You can buy cheap ceramic or steel bearings from EBAY, and they will work on your bike, however, spending a little more money, you can expect headset bearings that will make a difference to your ride. If you are looking for ceramic headset bearings, we recommend you spend a little more than on steel. If you wish, you can always reach out and speak to manufacturers to get information on their process for making the bearing to ensure it is high quality.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Bearing?

When it comes to the lifespan of headset bearings, the length of time will depend on which material you choose, ceramic or steel. More often than not, cyclists look at steel headset bearings as disposable because they are cheaper to make and much more cost-effective to produce on mass.

This means steel has a shorter lifespan than ceramic, but it is cheaper to replace should something go wrong or when it eventually become crunchy. Replacing a steel headset bearing will be much easier than opening a ceramic one to clean and grease. Steel headset bearings are the right choice for those cyclists who wish to replace the bearing when damaged or used, whereas ceramic is for a cyclist who takes time cleaning, polishing and looking after the bike and all its parts.

Ceramic Are High Performance

If you are looking for new headset bearings because you are planning to ride your bike at a high level or regularly on long rides, a high-quality ceramic headset bearing will be the right decision to make. The primary way to think about the financial cost of a high-quality headset bearing is that a ceramic bearing will still be running at high quality. In contrast, a steel bearing will more than likely be at the end of its lifespan.

Ceramic headset bearings should be considered when you are looking for a high-performance option; they are superior to steel headset bearings in this sense. As we mentioned previously, ceramic headset bearings can be moulded and shaped into the perfect sphere; the smooth surface makes the headset bearing second to none in the market today. When looking for high-performance quality headset bearings, the suitable material to use is ceramic as it has many benefits compared to steel and will give you a much smoother experience.

Should You Invest In Ceramic Bearings?

The biggest question remains, should you invest in ceramic headset bearings for your bike? Are they worth the investment? This does solely depend on you, the bike you have and also the cycling you do, but our team here at Aire Velo Bearings will always recommend ceramic over steel headset bearings.

One thing to consider is, if you are someone who rides your bike in the hopes of becoming an amateur racer and you ride long, fast-paced rides frequently, you should consider ceramic headset bearings. But if you use your bike to get to and from work and are not fussed about getting personal bests and an improved riding experience, you are more likely to be okay with steel headset bearings. The choice is ultimately yours, and choosing the right type of headset bearing for your bike will make a world of difference to the ride and feel of your bike, so we suggest ceramic is the way to go for aspiring cyclists, steel for those who are using a bike as a mode of transport.

Order Headset Bearings Online

With all the options available today, choosing what type of headset bearings to use can be difficult. We’ve provided some information on how ceramic and steel headsets work. Hopefully, this has helped you decide which one is best for your needs! Whether you choose ceramic or steel, don’t forget that Aire Velo Bearings are always here to help with any questions about our products or the ordering process.

Our customer service team will answer any question you have in a friendly, chatty tone within 24 hours (and usually much faster!). If there was anything we didn’t cover, please feel free to contact us anytime; our job is to ensure you have access to all the headset bearing information you need. Give us a call today to find out more. If you would like more information about bearing and how they work read our blog “Everything you Need to Know About Bearings