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Full Ceramic Bearings

WARNING: We recommend our full ceramic bearings for track/velodrome riding. Full ceramic bearings are a lot harder & tougher than steel bearings but at the same time they are more brittle & therefore susceptible to shock loads such as hitting pot holes (which we have a lot of in the UK) on the roads which could lead to cracks in the bearing races and eventually bearing failure.

Application – Ideally suited to track/velodrome riding


Aire Velo Bearings offer a quality range of full ceramic bearings suitable for application to wheels and bottom brackets on bikes. Please take the time to view the different bike bearings we have available and find the full ceramic option that best suits your needs.


Full ceramic bearings are highly suited for bicycles that are used for track and velodrome riding. With their lightweight properties and super hard exterior, they are perfect for those of you that compete in bike races.

The full ceramic bike bearings you see before you have ceramic (ZrO2 – Zirconia) inner and outer races, along with a PTFE cage, ceramic (ZrO2 – Zirconia) balls and PTFE seals, which helps to make the bearing much lighter, faster and energy efficient. The cages and seals are made in PTFE to maintain their super low weight.

Because full ceramic bearings are considered to be ‘self-lubricating’, they do not come greased like other bearings do. Although, if you were planning on using them on a road bike, it might be worth giving them a light layer thin oil.


There are a number reasons why you would consider using a full ceramic bearing. We have listed a few of the key reasons below:

  • Where high loads, high speeds and extreme temperatures need to be considered.
  • Where longevity with little maintenance is needed.
  • Ceramic is actually around 2/3 weight of steel, resulting in reduced bearing weight.
  • Ceramic is non-porous, non-magnetic, non-corrosive and lighter than steel.
  • Ceramic balls are also harder than their steel counterparts.
  • Because they are non-porous, they have virtually no friction, meaning they are capable of spinning faster than steel balls.
  • Because less lubrication is needed, the ceramic ball bearings tend to have a longer life.
  • The thermal properties of ceramic are better than steel balls, meaning less heat is generated at high speeds.
  • Ability to operate at extreme temperatures. From as low as -85°C up to +900°C.

Where the need for a non-corrosive, non-conductive/magnetic or non-porous material is needed, full ceramic bearings are ideal.


With a range of bearing styles and sizes available, we are confident we have the bicycle bearings here to suit your needs. Below, we have listed a few of the key reasons why we think we should be your first choice for full ceramic bike bearings:

  • A huge variety of styles and bearing sizes to choose from.
  • Explanation guides, helping you to find what you need.
  • Our experienced customer service team can answer all of your bearing related questions.
  • Our cost-effective prices mean you get your hands on the components you need without spending a fortune.
  • If full ceramic isn’t for you, we also have hybrid ceramic, steel and stainless steel options available.

Get in touch with Aire Velo Bearings today if you have any questions relating to any of the products within this range. We will gladly point you in the right direction of a full ceramic wheel bearing or full ceramic bottom bracket bearing to meet your requirements.

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How do I know what size ceramic bearing I need?

If you’re in need new ceramic bearings, the best thing to do is look at and measure the size of your existing ceramic bearings. This helps to ensure that the ceramic bearing you order will fit the part of your bike you need it for.

What are the benefits of ceramic bearings?

Ceramic bearings are highly popular because of the speed advantages they offer. This is because there is less rolling resistance, increased durability and stiffness and less weight. The balls used in ceramic bearings are more uniform than steel bearings, meaning they carry close to the same load, rather than larger balls and smaller balls.

What can I use ceramic bearings for?

Full ceramic bearings are suitable for a range of bike purposes. Ceramic bearings are most effective when used with the wheels and bottom brackets of bikes. We offer a great range of sizes, meaning we have ceramic bearings that are suitable for most types of bikes.