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Campagnolo Bearings

Campagnolo Shamal Bearings

For Campagnolo shamal bearings, look no further, at Aire Velo Bearings we are pleased to provide you with a range of Campagnolo bearings that are available to our customers across the UK. With this in mind, when you require Campagnolo bearings look no further, our online shop has always got you covered. We stock a large range of products that you can choose from, no matter the size or type that you are looking for, we can always be on hand to help. When you choose Aire Velo Bearings for Campagnolo shamal bearings, you can trust that you are in the best hands. We are experts and stock a range Campagnolo bearings that are suitable for a range of requirements. Contact today

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Campagnolo Ceramic Bearings

Should you be a Campagnolo enthusiast, you will know that Campagnolo is known for being one of the best brands in the bearings industry, with this in mind, Campagnolo bearings are considered to be some of the best bearings available on the market. Should you require Campagnolo ceramic bearings, make sure you call on our services today, at Aire Velo Bearings we are experts and will ensure that you receive Campagnolo that are of the highest quality and will also provide you with a range of benefits. For more information on Campagnolo ceramic bearings, call on the professionals at Aire Velo Bearings today. Contact today


How to adjust wheel bearings on Campagnolo? If you feel like your Campagnolo bearings need adjusting, we can help you to do this. When it comes to your Campagnolo bearings make sure that you call on the services from Aire Velo Bearings, as well as a full collection of Campagnolo bearings we can also provide you with guidance and information on how to adjust the bearings. Our team of experts can provide you with a range of help and support when it comes to your bike bearings and adjusting them. For more information visit our website or call on our team. How to change crank bearings Campagnolo? After your chain is hooked back onto the chainring, you can then slide your new crank bearings into place. First, start with the right crank and then the left and make sure they’re in the ‘12 and 6’ position. Next, you will need to replace the bolt and then re-tighten them with your torque wrench until you hear a click. It’s important that you remember to check that the newton metre matches the recommendation in your bike owner’s manual beforehand. The next step is to re-attach the bike pedals and make sure that you coat the threads with grease, this will keep them turning and also make it easier to take them off the next time. Finally, tighten them back up with your pedal spanner. How to repair Campagnolo wheel bearings? When it comes to Campagnolo bike and wheel bearings, should your bearings be broken and be in need of a repair or replacement, while repairing them may seem like a good option, we advise that you don’t. You can replace your Campagnolo wheel and bike bearings easily at Aire Velo Bearings. We offer a range of Campagnolo bearings that are perfect for replacements, simply view our range online or you can call on our expert team for help and information. How to install Campagnolo bearings? You may think that replacing Campagnolo bearings is a hard task, but it does sound a lot harder to do than it actually is, the Campagnolo bearing is a vital part of the bicycle, it will allow the handlebars to rotate in a way that is smooth and precise. At Aire Velo Bearings we aim to make sure that things are as easy as possible for all of our customers, with this in mind we have created a number of ‘how to guides’ as well as make help and advice available should you require it. Why Choose Aire Velo Bearings for Campagnolo bearings? At Aire Velo our focus is to ensure that you receive Campagnolo bearings of only the best quality and also at a value for money price. What’s more is we also provide our customers who buy in bulk an even lower price on their orders. When it comes to Campagnolo bearings, the items that we offer have all been extensively tested to ensure that they’re fit for purpose and manufactured from both durable and reliable materials. We will also make sure that they provide you with a long-life cycle and won’t fail when you need them the most.